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Task-Based Services


Handle all scheduling requests

Manage all cancellations and rescheduling requests

Organize one-time and recurring events 

Manage your calendar 


Draft and send important message replies 

Sort and categorize inbox

Flag and sort important mail

Unsubscribe and clean up unwanted messages


General project management 

Contact people on your behalf

Track and pay invoices 

Manage your expenses and budget

Event Planning

Plan personal or business events 

Send invitations and track RSVPs

Coordinate all and any on-site vendors

Manage all invoices and expenses


Book all reservations and travel accommodations

Create travel itineraries

Suggest local attractions

Send important trip reminders and travel updates


Organize your contact lists

File organization 

Help with miscellaneous tasks

General organization 


Personal research

Find collaborative partners

Find  information on products or services 

Provide extensive details on virtually anything

Office Management

Run monthly payroll

Order team meals 

Order office supplies 

Schedule maintenance repairs and upkeeping 

Social Media Marketing

Weekly content creation 

Custom captions and hashtag research

24 hour email support

Monthly strategy sessions to boost your brand awareness

Social Media Advertising

Complete Google Ad custom blueprint

Real-time reporting via Google Data Studio

Dedicated account manager

Custom CRM and automation tools to nurse leads towards conversion

Expand Your Reach.

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